SMEALTA the nature of Småland through handmade Swedish glass.

The moss under the firs like a carpet. On the mire crooked pines. Near the lake, you hear the loon at sunset. It smells of forest,  wet bark and leaves. Bog myrtle and the fresh scent of the lake. I am a third generation glassworker born and raised in Älmhult. My ancestors worked and lived by the glassworks which gave them temporary employment at the time. The forest and lakes surround the community/village. Here, we climbed the old apple trees, often went boating on the lake, played on the mire and went ice-skating.

A strong need and desire to express myself creatively led me to an arts education, resulting in ve years of study at the Danish Design School. For a few years I worked in Copenhagen, among other things as a consultant at the Danish Design School, as well as running my own workshop. However, I always longed to be back in Småland. After returning home, I traveled through the deep forest to the glassfactory and a collaboration was born. The glasswork lays in the middle of the darkest Småland, where glass has been made in the same way since 1897.

In the workshop you hear the clanging of blowpipes and the oven is hot all hours of the day. The glassblower blows into wooden molds. The molds are carved in beechwood after my drawings. The burned wood with the steam creates a fog throughout the workshop. The days production of glass is cooled down slowly during the night. New glass is melted in the large furnace. The following day the vases are polished at the top and I sign them. SMAELTA, the nature of Småland through handmade swedish glass. You can almost see the deep forest ponds, the crispy moss cushions and the wintry ice formations of the water. You hear the sound of the gentle waves by the lake, you hear the sound of the spring ice melting.

Din kundvagn